American Life 1971 – on one hand it is the birth year and on the other hand the memories of studying in the USA which inspired the name of this street wear label.
An exciting story lies behind the label:
During his time studying, the founder travelled to many locations in the USA. He spent most of his time however at the wonderful beach in San Diego, where he lost his heart but at the same time found real friends for life.
There were long *Hangover* nights on the beach, during which the surf boards where simply placed in the sand, people celebrated lavishly around the campfire and always shouted into the sky:
“That’s the real American Life – Yeah, and we stay on”

American Life tells the story of freedom, independence and lust for adventure. It’s the feeling of light heartedness and independence where you can achieve anything if you just set your mind on it.
This “awesome” time in the USA, on which he often looks back on with a smile on his face, laid the cornerstone for the founding of the label.

In 2010, the brand American Life finally caught sight of the light of the world and became the buzzword of American life, the American way of life:

You’re young or you feel like you are.
You’re living the American Way of Life.
You’ve got a positive attitude to life and want to show it.
You’re very much enjoying your life,
You know you can achieve anything.
You’re positive, optimistic and dynamic.
You’re based on the motto “SURF IT!“ STAY ON

American Life is THE daily portion of the American Way of Life.
At every place and at all times.